After talking to highly successful people who maximize their productive hours, known as multipliers, he realized that these high achievers never complain about how packed their schedules are.

Vaden asked one of these multipliers why they weren’t as busy as he was. She replied that it wasn’t that she didn’t have a lot to do. She just felt there was no point complaining about the demands on her time – that would be a waste of valuable mental energy. Instead of worrying about her to-do list, she gets on with it.

Multiplying your time : You multiply your time by giving yourself the emotional permission to spend time on things today that will give you more time tomorrow 

How leaders multiply time? You multiply your time by giving yourself the emotional permission to spend time on things today that will give you more time tomorrow!

MULTIPLIER QUESTION : what can I do TODAY that can give me more time tomorrow?

#1. Eliminate    

  • Multipliers eliminate rather than add tasks to their schedule.
  • Deciding what not to do!
  • Can I live without it?
  • Saying NO: fear of rejection, fear of mission out
  • Anytime you say YES to one thing you are simultaneously saying NO to something else.
  • Multipliers don’t focus on activities but on results. They know that success is not about the number of tasks you finish, but about how significant those tasks are.


  • Say NO to the things that don’t matter, you say YES to the things that do!

The sculptor’s principle: Perfection is not only when nothing more can be added, but also when nothing more can be taken away!

QUESTION #1: What are you currently saying yes to that is causing you to say no to your goals or your family? (watching TV, SOC-Med, hobby, gossiping)

  • First, eliminate television. The typical American watches over 34 hours of TV a week. That’s almost as much time as a 9-to-5 job! Add up all those hours, and you’ll find that the average person spends a full nine years of their life in front of the box. So, unless you’ve already eliminated this unnecessary distraction, you can’t come into work complaining that you’re too busy.
  • Second, eliminate some meetings from your working day. A survey by found that a whopping 47 percent of respondents believe meetings are their largest time-waster. Next time you receive a meeting invite, ask yourself two key questions: Do I really have to know what will be shared in this meeting? And will I be called on to make decisions in this meeting? If the answer to both is no, then eliminate that pesky time-waster from your schedule.


Can it be automated? think of all the hours you spend repeating the same task. This could be sending out the same email to multiple customers or reentering information into a database. 

  • How much time could you save by automating all these repetitive processes? Probably a whole lot.

The hidden cost principle: automation is to your time what compounding interest is to your money!

Insight : Anything you create a process for today saves you time tomorrow

  • Investasi pada technology atau system yang dapat mengotomatisasi suatu tugas / pekerjaan

PERMISSION #2: Permission to INVEST (time and money)

  • Kita mengalokasikan uang/waktu hari ini untuk mengatomatisasi suatu pekerjaan, sehingga kita akan punya lebih banyak waktu di masa depan!
  • Increase your results by investing in your system

QUESTION #2: What things are you doing over and over again that you could invest time or money into automating? Contoh: membuat FAQ


If you’ve got a task that can’t be eliminated or automated, then it’s important enough to receive human attention. 

  • But if you’re a time-poor worker, don’t panic – you might just be able to delegate it instead. Consider everything you do daily, from housework to spreadsheet updates. 
  • Now ask yourself: Could someone else do this for me? For most tasks, the answer is probably yes. 
  • Kenapa orang tidak mendelegasikan? Karena berpikir: “This would be faster and better if I did it my self!” ini benar untuk sekali atau 2 kali tapi tidak benar kalau kita memasukkan factor significance!
  • Save time and money by delegating tasks.

30x rule training time calculator: anda harus menyediakan 30X waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk melakukan suatu tugas sekali, untuk melatih orang lain melakukannya untuk anda di masa depan.

“Leadership isn’t about getting things done right. It’s about getting things done through other people.”- Andy Stanley 

PERMISSION #3: Permission of imperfection

  • 80% done by others is better than 100% perfection done by you.

QUESTION #3: What tasks are you hanging on to that you need to let go control of?

Inti dari Focus Funnel adalah untuk menemukan hal yang anda suka dan memberikan result paling banyak yang hanya anda yang bisa melakukannya!


Setelah eliminate, automated, dan mendelegasikan pertanyaan berikutnya adalah “Apakah harus dilakukan sekarang atau bisa ditunda?”

PERMISSION #4: Permission to Incomplete

QUESTION #4: In what areas of your life do you need to learn to be okay with the things being just okay and to trust that time will help to sort things on?

Kadang -kadang ada hal-hal yang situasinya membaik seiring waktu, atau kita dalam posisi lebih baik untuk melakukannya (atau membuat keputusan) karena kiota melakukan penundaan dengan sengaja (procrastinate on purpose)


So far, we’ve learned how to multiply your time by eliminating, automating, delegating and procrastinating. But if you can’t do any of those things, then the task must become your priority. 

Multipliers focus all their concentration on their priorities.

WHAT IS A PRIORITY: A task that is protected from distraction 

When it comes to priorities, the best way to deal with them is to give them your full attention. 

During the harvest season, a farmer works a staggering 18 hours a day. Getting ill, tired or taking a career break isn’t an option. She has only a short window in which to pick her crops and secure her livelihood for the rest of the year. The rest of us can learn something from the harvesting farmer. Sometimes, your only option is to focus all your energy on the task at hand.

Research by the author’s consulting company discovered that less than 10 percent of people report using a comprehensive written plan for allocating their time each week. 

However, a whopping 85 percent of multipliers do use this sort of schedule. 

Why? Because multipliers understand how damaging distractions can be to achieving their priorities, so they exclude them from their rigorous agenda.

However, making a schedule and sticking to it isn’t enough. When you sit down to concentrate on your priority, you need to bring your whole mind, not just your body, to the table. Too often, our minds wander instead of focusing on the task in front of us. Let what you’re working on completely absorb your attention. Only by fully concentrating can you truly make something your priority. 

Until you accomplish your next most significant priority, everything else is a distraction.

Lastly, remember that you can only have one priority at a time. By its very definition, a priority is something that comes before everything else. So don’t start thinking about your family when you sit down to concentrate on a business problem. Although both these things might be your priorities, when you sit down to concentrate on something, it should be your primary focus. Otherwise, it’s not really a priority at all.

PERMISSION #5: Permission to protect!Lakukan apa yang hanya anda bisa lakukanJangan ijinkan apapun menjadi distractionSampai anda siap melakukan next priority

QUESTION #5: What do you need to give yourself permission to concentrate on? How would concentrating on that create more opportunity for those around you? 

A PRIORITY: A task that’s moving you to word your greatest contribution or making the impact you’d like to make.

MULTIPLYING TIME: Bukan hanya berpikir tentang effisiensi (How to do it faster) atau priority (mana yang lebih penting), tapi what can I do TODAY that will give me more time tomorrow.

Multiply your lifespan. 

One of the most profound ways to make more time for yourself is to take care of your body. After all, if you fail to exercise and eat healthy today, you’re more likely to experience future health problems. So spend some of your precious minutes and dollars on cooking real food every evening, and don’t skip a trip to the gym. Remember, investing in your health today can multiply your years on earth.

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