Hillsong Church Health Check up

Hillsong Church Health Check up (dashboard)

#1. Attendance – 7% increase from the same week last year

#2. New comer follo up. Goal: 50% come back to church. Follow up by : engaging in soc med, call, pray, One2one, Connect group.

#3. Connect Group. Minimum number of Connect Group 10% of Sunday attendance.

#4. Volunteers. Goal: 15% of congregation.

#5 Giving. Goal: $23/Sunday


Accessible to all people.

  • Job: Setting the atmosphere.
  • LEAD: Building a unified team, focus in big picture.
  • DEVELOP: Developing individuals and moving them to be leaders
  • GROW: To see people growing healthy, ensuring everyone is discipled in Christ.

The team under service pastor:

  • New People network team (connecting people to the journey)
  • Service active team
  • Connect group team
  • Ministry active team

Service Pastor does not do:

  • Preaching
  • Production (Run down)
  • Coffee, chair, parking, creative, kids.


  • Connecting people:
  • Yang belum punya iCare connecting to ICL
  • Yang belum pelayanan connecting them to dept head.

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