Ada empat jebakan yang kalau kita tidak sadar akan membuat kita menjadi “karatan.”


Spirit of entitlement mengatakan bahwa karena apa yang saya pernah lakukan (di masa lampau) maka saya berhak mendapat perlakuan khusus. Saya pernah berjasa untuk gereja / pelayanan ini, maka saya layak untuk diperlakukan istimewa. Ada aturan – aturan yang saya boleh melanggar, ada persyaratan yang semua orang lain harus ikuti, tapi itu tidak berlaku bagi saya.

Salah satu yang dapat menjebak orang ke dalam spirit of entitlement ketika senioritas dalam pelayanan menjadikan seseorang merasa layar atau bahkan berhak mendapat perlakuan khusus atau istrimewa. Sebagai seorang “senior” harusnya menjadi teladan bagi para “junior”, tetapi kenyataannya justu menjadi contoh yang tidak baik atau bahkan menjadi batu sandungan bagi orang lain dalam pelayanan.


“…and when Sabbath had come, He began to teach in the synagogue. And many hearing Him were astonished, saying, “Where did this Man get these things? And what wisdom is this which is given to Him, that such mighty works are performed by His hands. Is this not the carpenter, the Son of Mary, and brother of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon? And are not His sisters here with us? So they were offended at Him…” (Mat.6:2-3)

In 42 BC, Publius Syrus was the first to say, “familiarity breeds contempt.” He was a wise philosopher having insight on familiarity. 

  • Casual: Anggep enteng apa yang harusnya tidak boleh dianggap enteng
  • Cynical: questioning motives, mempertanyakan ketulusan hati orang lain.
  • Contemp: Menganggap rendah apa yang dilakukan di gereja / pelayanan

Stop criticizing the church or what they do in church. Stop looking down on your pastor or the leaders of the church. Stop comparing your pastor with other pastors and start recognizing the grace of God in the church you attend and in the people God has put over you. Start attaching importance to activities going on in the church and doing what is needed of you to do. Start seeing everything that is done in the church with the eyes of the Spirit because only then can you avail of the blessings that God has kept aside for you. 


  • Gak mau belajar lagi (no innovation / improvement)
  • Gak mau do the extra-mile
  • Tanpa disadari penurunan kualitas
  • Pelayanan menjadi tidak relevan

#4. No more excitement, just routine

  • Pelayanan menjadi rutinitas yang membosankan
  • Sikap yang ogah-ogahan dan asal-asalan.


It takes courage to let go of where we are and reach for what’s ahead. It takes courage to uproot—mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically—to press on and fulfill what God’s called us to do. To embrace new roles. Launch new ventures. Expand our reach.

“Then you will know which way to go, since you have never been this way before…and the Lord will do amazing things among you” (Joshua 3:4-5).

…I have trailblazed a preaching of the Message of Jesus all the way from Jerusalem far into northwestern Greece. This has all been pioneerwork, bringing the Message only into those places where Jesus was not yet known and worshiped. My text has been, Those who were never told of him— they’ll see him! Those who’ve never heard of him— they’ll get the message!” (Romans 15:17-21, The Message).

Jesus was the ultimate pioneer. When he died for our sins and rose from the dead, he did what no one had ever done before, or since.

Pioneering takes courage, ingenuity and a sense of adventure. With a pioneer spirit must come willingness to fail and falter, but with an unwavering belief in the long-term future vision. Pioneering doesn’t come without opposition, but the wide-open, spacious life we are seeking will undoubtedly require us to take some risks, step out of what is known, and count the cost of present comfort versus future reward. I believe it is God’s will that we all have a pioneering spirit!

We still have so many people to touch with God’s love in our lives today. Whether it’s someone you know a few doors down who dresses differently and practices another faith, or the homeless teen asking for change on the corner, ‘outsiders’ are ever present. We may have mapped our planet many times over, but there are still new territories of faith to explore, entire nations that are yet to be touched with the light and love of Christ.

Joshua 12 lists all of Israel’s great victories and accomplishments under the leadership of Joshua. However, they didn’t possess all of the land that God had them. In his latter years, God had to remind Joshua that there was more to be done. God comes to Joshua to stir within him once again the “pioneer spirit”.

Josh 13:1. When Joshua was old and well advanced in years, the LORD said to him, “You are very old, and there are still very large areas of land to be taken over.

God wants us to advance and move forward. When we begin to lose the pioneer spirit, God moves in to stir us up (see Judges 6:12. Is.54:1-3. Hag.1-2. Rev.3:14-22). Here we see God doing the same with Joshua and the nation of Israel (Josh.13:1).

God is saying to us – “Well done with what you’ve been able to accomplish as a church but there is more – much more!” There are more people to be reached with the gospel, more needs in the community to be met, more areas of our city where vibrant churches are needed, and more nations of the world to be impacted.

God is saying to us – “There’s more!” “Enlarge your tent – make more room!” “Lift your vision.” “Stir up the pioneering spirit!”

What it Means for You 

As individuals, this message applies to us too. Of course, we are all in different places in regards to this overall message.

  • Some may have been pioneering and stretching so much that they’re in need of some more balanced living – and settling back just a little. God may be calling you to do a little less and consolidate rather than keep pushing the boundaries out.
  • To others, God may be very specifically making your nest uncomfortable to get you moving out from where you are.

Your next step may be breaking a personal destructive habit, moving on from a past hurt or failure, laying hold afresh of a dream that has died through delay or discouragement, beginning to serve in a ministry, reaching out to someone with the good news about Jesus, investing your finances in God’s work, going on a short-term mission trip or being part of a church planting team.

Be like Caleb who had a pioneer spirit of faith, fervency, courage and perseverance (see Num. 13:25-33; 14:6-10, 24. Josh 14:6-13; 15:13-14). Don’t live a life of stagnation and unrealised potential. Step out in faith and courage. Overcome fear and doubt. The Lord is with you!

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