#1. Have a passion to build a healthy church

Let go the ambitions for power and ambition to be famous (Luke 22: 24-27). 

Building a healthy culture :

  • Begins with determining the values we believe in; then we build practices that are according to the values over time, it becomes a CULTURE.
  • Be the culture
  • Celebrate when somebody do things inline with our values; and we need to tell people when they do things that are not aligned with the culture we are building. 

It’s a PROCESS: Continuous Improvement

Why is it important? Because anything that is healthy will grow. 

#2. Love the people genuinely 

  • Don’t “love” because what they can do for us. 
  • There is a difference between leadership and manipulation. 
  • Leadership: the focus is the people, building their lives.
  • Manipulation: for the benefit of the “leader”

#3. Don’t be lazy to keep learning and equip yourself.

  • John Maxwell says when you stop learning you stop leading.
  • There are resources other there available for you in internet / youtube
  • Invest in yourself

#4. Build good character and personality

  • Charisma can bring you to the top, but character will keep you from falling (Zig Ziglar).
  • Live a high principled life.
  • Perfection is putting a high standard on others.
  • Excellency is setting a high standard on yourself.
  • Character: is who you are in front of people and when no one knows you.
  • Personality : how you relate with others. 

Why character and personality important? It attracts people to you or send people away from you.

#5. Build a sense of security

  • You need to know your strength and your weakness; and because of that we need other leaders to lead together with us.
  • Don’t get involved in the game of comparing yourself and competition with other leaders. 
  • When Saul became jealous of David because of the women who praised David’s accomplishment. Saul should have rejoiced because he found a successor, but what happened was that Saul wanted to get rid of David.
  • Be a gracious leader.

#6. Build a healthy marriage and family.

  • Make it a priority 
  • 1Tim.3:5 if a man does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church?
  • Our family should be an example.

#7. Build relationship and communication skills (one-to-one, teaching, preaching)

  • It is an important skills for leaders
  • Sharpening your skills
  • My advice to you: ”KEEP IT (OUR LIFE AND LEADERSHIP) SIMPLE. “

Don’t do unnecessary and stupid things that will lead us to problems. 

  • Learns to manage finances well, build a humble and trustworthy character, don’t bring yourself to fall into an affair, don’t like to gossip.

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