4 Conversations That Develop Leaders

A lot of leadership development comes through the conversations you have with individuals. In the life of a leader and in the pursuit of developing leaders, there will be many different conversations you will need to navigate.

Here are some of the conversations you will need to have and how you can approach them:


1. The “Have You Considered Volunteering?” Conversation

Do you see potential in someone? Do you believe that someone has the capability to play a key part in your team, and one day become a great leader?

It all starts with the conversations you have with them. Be intentional in the questions you ask them – ask them the difficult questions to lift their level of thinking. Everyone has potential in them, but some people simply aren’t aware of what they have in them. Speak life over them and encourage them. Capture people’s hearts.

Help them realise that there is a need and that they have a part to play in being a part of the solution. Help them see the value in volunteering and building the church alongside you.

2. The “How Are You Doing?” Conversation

As leaders, it’s important to make sure that your team members are happy and healthy. There’s no point in continually stretching and adding responsibilities to your team if internally they’re crumbling.

Make sure that you are playing your part in caring for their longevity. Ask the questions: “How are you doing?”, “Do you need to take it slow?” and “Do you need a break?”

3. The “You Need To Step Up” Conversation

The reality is, people are people. It’s easy for people to let you down and that’s why, as leaders, it’s so important that we set clear expectations for our teams. It’s hard to hold people to a standard they don’t know about. There has to be a teaching period before there is a releasing period.

It’s also important to remember that sometimes, there’s actually more going on in people’s lives than you realise. So before you begin to confront someone for being late all the time, find out what’s really going on in their life. If they’re always late, for example, is there an issue you’re not aware of, or is it just bad time management? Is there anything you can help out with?

When you’re having these conversations, have confidence. People need to know that you care for them and that it’s not coming from a place of criticism, but rather a desire to help them grow.

4. The “Right Place, Right Time” Conversation

Conflict with people is inevitable. When it does happen, make sure you’re actively having conversations. Come alongside those in conflict, listen to their opinion and consider their perspective. People need to feel valued and heard.

If conflict still occurs and they won’t come into alignment, it may be that we have to reposition them to another area that suits their strengths. Conflict can often occur because they’re not in the right place at the right time. Help people to recognise their season and navigate how they can contribute to building the church in that season.

What volunteering does for people is unfathomable – it helps people grow in their leadership potential and step up into all that God has for them. Fight for people and help them realise that they are wanted and appreciated.


This thought was originally shared during a webinar hosted by Kane Keatinge on the topic of “Developing Leaders”, during ‘Online Open Week’ in September 2016.Online Open Week is your opportunity to receive impartation and training direct from the Hillsong team through live webinars.

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